Attitudes to Avoid When You are in a Band

The Jukebox Band have established loyal friendships among their members. The reason why we are still here is that we avoid certain attitude that might offend or disappoint a member. When we formed this band, we vowed into a meaningful friendship that dwells in our responsibilities as a band member and not as a cheap traffic to look out for.

Being Always Late

When we set a call time, every member of the band will be on the said location at the exact time even earlier. We take practice seriously. We know that every time we practice, we are improving our skills as musicians. We don’t makeup excuses for being late unless there is a real emergency or conflict in the schedule that was not done on a postcode check prior. We have personal lives as well, yet we balance our time and know our priorities.

A Shirker

We’ve encountered other bands who will often argue about their responsibilities. They were pointing fingers on who should set up the equipment, maintain them, and so on. We don’t have a shirker in our group. Everyone takes the initiative to be useful. We even go the extra mile by helping one another during stressful times. The band will search for ways to save money on electronics and search for rental cars coupon code when we need a bigger van for the equipment or even use a discount voucher code to replace broken ones. We embrace responsibilities and not avoid them.


Competitive Bandmate Who Always Want to be in The Spotlight

Music is a good mix of different instruments. We don’t like members who would always like to be in the spotlight. Don’t get us wrong, we want to show off our skills as a musician. But we don’t do it at the expense of ruining the performance. Our band loves one another and would even buy the same outfit from online shops like Lazada and Zalora and save more on the process by using Aliexpress coupon and promo codes. No one wants to outshine anyone. We want our music to be solid yet technical; however, we don’t forget to balance our music.