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Private Music Learning Sessions

During the low season when don’t have too many bookings, we have free time to teach musical instruments to youth and young kids. Our private music learning sessions are designed to focus on a limited number of students. So, if you have a kid who would like to play the piano, guitar, or even drums, send us a message and we’ll inform you of the slots available.  Compared to other music learning institutions, our prices are much cheaper and comes with voucher and discount codes . The quality of teaching we provide to our students is priceless. We dedicate our time and guide them, train them to be professional music players in the future. Instruments we teach: Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Drums

What students can get?

Our students will learn how to play by ear through chord practice. We also teach them how to read the music sheet, and teach them to count the beat of each song. After 7 sessions, our students should learn the fundamentals of the instrument of their choice. They’ll get the basics that they could use as steppings stones to move on to advance level. We don’t teach by the book. We teach like musicians training their prodigy. Our personal approach to training has been proven effective for the students we took under our wing.

Studio Renting

Our band has been playing music for more than 10 years. We needed a place where we can store our equipment and a place where we are allowed to practice our music. Last year, we were able to buy a small lot and turned it to a music studio. We are renting it to other bands like us who need a good place where they can practice, record, and just enjoy music.